How does HGH treat diabetes?

How does HGH treat diabetes?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is known as the master hormone, because it controls every growth-related body function. Low levels of this hormone can lead to aging symptoms such as muscle weakness, weight gain, low sexual drive, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Among its many health benefits, the HGH has been found to be useful in treating diabetes. Patients suffering from low blood sugar levels can also use HGH for energy production. But how does this work? Read on to understand how HGH levels affect diabetes.

How does HGH treat diabetes?

According to studies, HGH levels in the body diminish with age and this means that aging people have a higher risk of diabetes. This can be countered by inducing HGH in the body in order to regulate sugar levels. However, this diabetes treatment method should be used within a short period of time and in minimal levels.

The presence of this hormone in the blood catalyzes insulin in your body, thereby facilitating absorption of glucose by body cells. An essential body hormone, insulin helps to break down glycogen into glucose. Glucose is used by the body cells to generate energy.

Low insulin levels in the body causes fat cells to absorb glucose, leading to obesity and minimal energy. HGH levels in the body determine whether absorption of glucose by fat cells occurs or not.

Other studies on the effects of HGH in the body have also revealed that this hormone can help in glucose metabolism as well as in reducing abdominal fats in the body. Abdominal fats affect insulin resistance and sensitivity.

High cholesterol levels in the body increases the risks of contracting diabetes. Cholesterol hinders glucose respiration and instead absorbs it, leading to high levels of blood sugar and fat in the blood. HGH injections into the blood stream of the affected individual will lead to the decline of the cholesterol levels, thus reducing risks of diabetes. Another benefit of HGH to patients with diabetes is that it reduces deposits of cholesterol and fats in the body, which are responsible for insulin insensitivity.

Another way in which HGH injection in the body helps in the management of diabetes is by facilitating weight loss and fat burning. HGH increases the levels of the IG-1 compound, an excretory compound produced by liver, thereby preventing movement of glucose to the body cells. Generally, insulin is released by the pancreas after meals, so as to break down carbohydrates into glucose and then carry the glucose to the body cells, and open the cell membrane to allow the glucose into the cell. The glucose is converted into fat inside the cells and then stored as an energy reservoir.

To meet its energy requirements, the body will utilize the available glucose first before moving to the stored fat. Since HGH hinders the glucose supply to the cells, the body will be forced to burn the stored fats. Therefore, you burn fats without doing any exercises, or following any special diets.

Remember that just like any other medication, you may experience minimal side effects if you use the wrong kind of HGH product. When HGH is used in appropriate dosage and timing, a diabetic patient can go for months without resorting to insulin injections.

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